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We believe that when you are living your best life you feel most beautiful on both the inside and out. 


I AM offers jewelry that assists you in doing both. Our pieces are not only fashionable, but they bring meaning and healing to your soul as well. 


Our Reiki healing gemstones and crystals promote holistic spiritual solutions that bring you inner zen while giving you the outer beautiful expression of self. Every piece is intentionally created and named to bring you the kind of energy that radiates from the inside out. 


Our mission doesn’t stop there because we know the greatest gift is in contributing and giving back. 


For every I AM piece that you purchase you are also giving back to many philanthropic causes around the world. You are helping bring love, light, and smiles to foster children, children and orphans fighting cancer, education for children in Nepal, widows, the elderly, survivors of domestic violence, veterans, the homeless, those with disabilities, autism and more. We support every cause of greatness and celebrate each of you who are doing your part to help heal our world too.  


“It’s not about what you have or who you know in this life, it’s about what you give and who you help. Most of all, it is about who you love, so join us in loving everybody"

~ Amy McAllister Founder of I AM

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Amy McAllister is proud to introduce you to her Brand Manager, the most beautiful and talented Jessie Southwick.


Besides her skills in branding, communications, overseeing, organizing, product development, promotions and more, Jessie is also a humanitarian who lives to give and has the most beautiful heart.


She adds her own personal style and fashion flare to the brand and is so much fun to work with. She is a total star when it comes to customer service, she loves everyone, and lights up seeing people resonate with the brand - I AM.


Amy McAllister is a natural born leader, businesswoman, and humanitarian who lives to give back and bless the world in big ways.


Right up there with being an extremely passionate wife, mom, and grandma who is living her biggest childhood dream of being a singer, songwriter, and performer, Amy McAllister is also known for being fashion and style savvy. 


From jewelry to clothing and accessories, Amy is consistently sought out to style others for various events, appearances and more. 


It has been another one of her dreams to establish her own brand, a line of exclusive jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, and eventually clothing. 


Her desire has been to make her brand luxurious and affordable. She wants every woman to feel beautiful in their own skin and strives to help them achieve that feeling through careful curation and design of any products she offers through her exclusive brand - I AM. 

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